Time of Reflection 2015

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
At the start of 2015, our congregation entered into a Time of Reflection. Our goal was to seek God’s will and guidance of North Park’s ministry. Are we following His path? Are we doing His work? Are there areas where we need to change or do better in?
Usually, churches do this kind of evaluation when they’re in crisis. Pastor Paul challenged us to do it now, when North Park is relatively healthy. Healthy churches grow stagnant when they don’t regularly ask themselves if they’re still following the will of Christ Jesus.
As a Consistory, we began by asking God to guide our reflection and encouraging the congregation to pray over the process, too. To make sure everyone engaged, we did a survey during the first part of the year. We followed that with focus groups, brainstorming sessions and lots of dialogue with ministry leaders. Here’s where this work brought us:
We believe God is challenging North Park to take its current mission, Building a Community of Faith, to the next level: a sustained, active, vibrant ministry of outreach that targets our community and youth.
It’s clear that God has equipped the North Park family to embrace outreach in the past; now we see the potential He’s blessed us with to do far more in His name!
Why does this matter? Because, as in the day of John the Baptist, Jesus is coming! He is coming to gather His children and establish His kingdom forever. He is looking to us, His church, not to condemn the world but to preach the good news (Mark 16:15), to make disciples (Matthew 28:19), to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8) and to take care of His sheep (John 21:15-19).
Jesus is coming! We are called to prepare the way for Him.
This calling requires change. It requires the commitment and participation of every North Park member—each of us applying his and her God-given gifts. In the year ahead, we will focus on helping each person understand those gifts and use them to the glory of our Heavenly Father.
The link below describes what we’ve learned in 2015 and what lies ahead. A complete copy of this report, including full survey results, is available in the church office.
We covet your prayers, support and personal commitment as we move forward for Christ!